Cotton Candy Machine
1050W Commercial Grade
Cotton Candy Machine

Very Easy To Use

Comes With Everything You Need
- 80 Cotton Candy Cones
-1 Free Cotton Candy Mix
Each Mix is Enough for about 70-80 Servings

You Pick The Flavor-
Pink Vanilla, Cherry, Blue Raspberry,
Green Apple, or Grape

Additional Mix Is $ 12.50
Each Comes with Additional 80 Cotton Candy Cones
If the Mix is not open you can return it for a refund

$ 89.99
Comes With Free Delivery
Email To Order

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* * * The Big Special * * *

-Popcorn Machine w/ 5 All-In-One Packs
-Snow Cone Machine w/ 2 Flavors
-Cotton Candy Machine w/ Cotton Candy Mix

Get All 3 Machines For Only $ 149

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